Date Title Minister Key Text
Apr 18, 2021 (Morning) Fear of God Builds up the Family of God
W. denHollander
(Read by D. Penninga)
Nehemiah 5:1–13
Apr 11, 2021 (Afternoon) Participating in the body and blood of Christ. T. Schouten 1 Corinthians 10:16
Apr 11, 2021 (Morning) Knowing God means walking as Jesus walked. T. Schouten 1 John 2:1–7
Apr 4, 2021 (Afternoon) Broken Bread, Open Eyes, Burning Hearts
R. Bredenhof
(Read by J. Penninga)
Luke 24:30–32
Apr 4, 2021 (Morning) The risen Christ appears to his disciples.
J. Poppe
(Read by S. Onderwater)
John 20:19–23
Apr 2, 2021 (Morning) Our Lord Jesus Christ said, “It is finished”
J. VanSpronsen
(Read by B. Berends)
John 19:28–30
Mar 28, 2021 (Afternoon) Jesus' entry into Jerusalem on a young donkey is a prophetic declaration of His universal kingship of peace. E. Kampen John 12:12–19
Mar 28, 2021 (Morning) Our God will fight for us! W. denHollander Nehemiah 4
Mar 21, 2021 (Afternoon) The Lord Jesus teaches us how to handle treasure.
R. Bredenhof
(Read by P. VanRaalte)
Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 42
Mar 21, 2021 (Morning) Christ calls and equips you to build his church.
W. denHollander
(Read by R. Barendregt)
Nehemiah 3
Mar 14, 2021 (Afternoon) In baptism, God teaches and assures us about his gospel promises in Jesus Christ. R. Vanderhorst Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 27
Mar 14, 2021 (Morning) The good hand of our God is on his church.
W. denHollander
(Read by R. Verhelst)
Nehemiah 2:1–8
Mar 7, 2021 (Afternoon) Baptism is about identity: Who am I in Christ?
R. Vanderhorst
(Read by J. Van Veldhuizen)
Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 26
Mar 7, 2021 (Morning) Prepare for action with passionate prayer.
W. denHollander
(Read by G. Vandevelde)
Nehemiah 1
Feb 28, 2021 (Afternoon) There is no salvation without faith.
G. Wieske
(Read by B. VanAssen)
Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 25

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